Buffalo County Fairgrounds
Kearney, Nebraska

February 17-25, 2018

Classic Steak Cook Off

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

This event is open to teams who believe their steak grilling skills are the best! The teams must bring their own grills and fuel (we provide the steaks). Teams are welcome to create individual themes for their cooking booth, but it is NOT required. The entry fee is $100 per Team. The entry fees will be jackpotted back.

Thank you for being a part of the first Classic Steak Cook Off! We appreciate your participation!

We are committed to improving the event each year. We ask you to be a good sport and be an ambassador for the event and your team. We hope you have a great time and make many new friends.

Please take note of the rules noted below:

  • Each team will be provided 2 steaks at the cooks meeting in foil trays.(Bring your own cooler for meat.) Cooks may cook only the meat provided by the cookoff. Any cook submitting "outside meat" will be disqualified. The steaks will be rib-eyes provided by the Classic Sponsor.
  • Each cooking team may use any type of fuel (wood, charcoal, propane, etc).
  • Teams must bring your own electric cords. You may bring your own generator if you wish.
  • Steaks will be judged with regard to taste, appearance, texture, and tenderness.
  • Each team will submit one steak cooked medium.
  • For this contest medium is defined as pink and moist in middle of the ribeye, not red and running. The degree of doneness is one of the criteria used in the judging.
  • Each team is required to have access to a fire extinguisher.
  • Competition steaks will be submitted in provided trays boxes. (No garnish)
  • Any markings on the steaks will disqualify the team. (Steaks will be turned in whole)
  • Turn-in time will be specific, no steaks will be judged if submitted after turn-in time.
  • The turn in times will be confirmed at the cookers meeting.(Turn in time will be 6 p.m.)
  • There will be no unauthorized vending from your team cooking space.

There will be a mandatory cooks' meeting at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, February 20th in the Expo Building Main Office. All additional questions and information will be handled at that time. You will not be eligible to cook if you are not at the meeting.

Classic Steak Cook Off Committee
Mike Eberle - 308.962.0112
Doug Keiser - 308.529.0395

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