Buffalo County Fairgrounds
Kearney, Nebraska
February 13-21, 2021

It's our 30th Anniversary!

Ronette K. Bush Heinrich

Manager | rkbush@frontiernet.net | 308-627-6385

Board of Directors

Stuart Gilbertson - Kearney, NE .............. President
Dick Hollman - Hallam, NE .............. Vice President
George Janning - Kearney, NE .............. Secretary-Treasurer
Randy Lenz - Kearney, NE
Jeff Bash - Orleans, NE
Dave Goertz - Brock, NE
Doug Keiser - Gothenburg, NE
Mark Goes - Odell, NE
Krista Dybdal - Newcastle, NE
Jon Herrick - Amherst, NE
Jeremy Schulte - Kearney, NE
Janice Wolfinger - Lexington, NE

Board of Directors

Dick Hollman .............. Angus
Mitch Benes .............. Charolais
Brett Nelson .............. Hereford
Greg Crawford .............. Shorthorn
Greg Sisco .............. Simmental
Grady McMahon .............. Polled Hereford
Tom Murphy .............. Gelbvieh
Kent Schlake .............. Maine Anjou, Chianina, AOB
Stuart Gilbertson .............. Fancy Heifers, Prospect Steers
Doug Keiser .............. Pen Of 5 Heifers

A Tribute to Larry Mach

The Classic Board of Directors lost a member on September 25, 2020. Larry Mach and his wife of Weston, NE were killed in a car accident. Mach was a joy to have serve on the Board. He always volunteered to help out with all the events. Larry’s smile and humor have been a void at the Classic Board meetings since September.

Cattlemen of All Ages,

It is truly my honor to invite you to the 30th Anniversary celebration of the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic. Oh, the changes we have seen in the last 30 years. The one constant has been coming together to see great cattle and enjoy visiting with our friends from near and far.

Last February when we concluded the Classic, little did we know that it would be one of the last "normal" shows of the year. Last summer, we were very disappointed that we could not hold the Scholarship Tours. The Classic Board of Directors and myself, knew we had to bring an opportunity for youth to show their steers and heifers, so we organized the Classic Pop Up Beef Event. This event was held in late August at the Buffalo Co. Fairgrounds. The event was all outdoors and included a junior show, feeder calf show, breeder displays, food trucks and an outside trade show. It was a hot day, but a fun day. This event will now be an annual event.

We recently interviewed 25 youth from across the state that purchased steers or heifers at last year's Classic and are participating in the Scholarship Program. The youth were asked the question, "How did COVID 19 affect you and your family." The answers were almost the same; "It was awful that we did not have very many shows last year, but it was great to help with calving, work on our calves and spend more time with our families." We all know things have been CRAZY since last March, but I know we are all grateful to be involved in the number one industry in Nebraska, THE BEEF INDUSTRY!

Time just seems to fly by and it is time for the 30th Anniversary Classic! Cattlemen, you need to study the catalog. We have a tremendous set of bulls, bred heifers, fancy heifers, prospect steers, embryo packages and commercial pens of heifers lined up for you. We are very excited for the new Pen Bull and Heifer Show. The quality in these shows is tremendous. Take note the Pen sale features will sell in their respective breed sales. The sales are stacked with quality features. Make sure you look at the set of bred heifers in the Aspiring Young Cattlemen section.

The Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic is very excited to announce we are expanding into 3 events in 2021. The Winter Classic is the traditional February event. In August, we will hold the Pop Up Beef Event. This will include a junior show, feeder calf show, breeder displays, commercial trade show and food trucks. The Classic is also adding a Fall Classic to the schedule, November 4-7, 2021. The Fall Classic will include Open Shows, Junior Show (Market Steers, Breeding Heifers, Prospects), Prospect Steer and Heifer Sale, Commercial Trade Show and much more! We are excited to restructure and bring some excitement to the beef industry for cattlemen of all ages.

If you have any questions on the Classic sale features or upcoming events, give me a call anytime at 308-627-6385.

Look forward to seeing you at the classic!

Ronette K. Bush-Heinrich,

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