Buffalo County Fairgrounds
Kearney, Nebraska

February 17-25, 2018

Fancy Heifer Sale Terms & Conditions

This Sale is Open to SINGLE ENTRIES

Fancy Heifer Sale Rules & Information
Saturday, February 24th
Show: Noon
Sale: 12:30 pm (Sale will follow the Steer & Heifer Scholarship awards.)

The Heifers will be shown at Noon on Saturday, February 24th. The Champion Heifer will receive a $500 cash award and the Reserve Champion Heifer will receive a $250 cash award.


1. The $150 entry fee must be paid before an entry will be accepted. All entries are made on line at www.necattlemen.com
Commission on the Fancy Heifer Sale is 6%.
NEW this year
– Entry Fees will be retained. Entry Fees provide you with an advertising benefit. Consignor’s option will include listings on the Classic website with a link to the consignor’s website. Consignors will have two personal marketing posts on the Classic Social media sites. This does not include promotion of your Classic Sale features. This advertising option is for your own sale. Consignors will be listed on email blasts to cattlemen all across the Midwest.
2. All heifers must be checked in by Friday, Feb. 23 at 8 am. All heifers will be weighed and tagged at 8 am. IF YOU ARE SELLING HEIFERS AS REGISTERED, YOU MUST BRING THE REGISTRATION PAPERS WITH YOU TO THE CHECK-IN.
3. The heifers will have a $35 bedding fee. All wood shavings are provided. NO straw is allowed on the Fairgrounds.
4. All heifers must be weaned. Heifers must be born after January 1, 2017 and before May 31, 2017.
5. All heifers must be calfhood vaccinated (Bangs) with vaccination dates provided. They must meet the following health requirements:
a. 5-way Lepto & Vibrio
b. 7-way Blackleg
c. IBR-BVD-PI3 Vaccine
d. Internal and External Parasite Control
e. Pregnancy Test mandatory on all entries and length of pregnancy certified on certificate of veterinarian inspection. (Preg check required on all heifers.)
6. If a heifers are sold to a state which requires TB testing, then the consignor will be responsible for the test and care of the heifers until the TB testing requirements are met.
7. ALL consignors must be members of the Nebraska Cattlemen.
8. All heifer calves purchased in the Sale are eligible to be shown in the Classic Junior Show.
9. The Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic Sale Terms & Conditions apply.
10. Consignors and exhibitors at the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic agree to hold harmless, for any and all liability arising out of accidents or injuries sustained at the show and sale, Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic, the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce, Nebraska Cattlemen and the Buffalo County Agriculture Society.

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