Buffalo County Fairgrounds
Kearney, Nebraska

February 15-23, 2020

Horse Events – Sale Details

Saturday, February 16th – New format for the Classic Horse Sale and Events The day will feature Working Cow Horse Competition, individual Horse Spotlight and Ranch Rodeo. The day will be structured to showcase sale features and have fun!

The Ranch Rodeo will feature a Calcutta followed by the afternoon Rodeo. The Rodeo will include a Team Sort, Team Doctoring and Trailer Loading.

Classic Horse Events

Friday, February 15, 2019

6:00 pm - ALL HORSES in the East Arena - Check-In, Vet Check, Conformation Evaluation Consignor meeting - Judges will discuss Saturday events with all participants

All Sale Horses will be stalled in the Ag Pavilion East Arena during the day on Saturday. Outside stalls are available for Friday night and Saturday night for sale horses.

All events will include two judges. Several prizes will be presented.
Classic Supreme Horse, Top Hand Award, Conformation Award.
The Ranch Rodeo events will have the jackpot money to be paid out to participants.

Saturday, February 16, 2019:


The Classic Horse Committee will work to design the day’s events to showcase your sale feature. The complete details of the events will be set after review of the sale features. The entry form needs to be complete with all details of your sale feature.

8:30 am - Classic Sale Horse Competition: This event will include basic ranch obstacles and cow work.

10:30 am - Sale Horse Spotlight: Each sale horse will have 3 minutes individualized in the area. This will be set up with Classic Management prior to the event. (cow work, roping events or obstacles that you want to showcase on your sale feature.)

1:00 pm - Ranch Rodeo Calcutta:Teams of 3 individuals (ALL SALE HORSES ONLY)
Each team will be auctioned off. All monies generated in the Calcutta are grouped. 10% goes directly to the NCC,
the next 10% will go to a Nebraska High School Rodeo Association Scholarship. The remaining 80% will be paid out to the persons whom purchased the top 4 placing teams by points. The remaining 80% will be paid out as: 1st place team – 40%; 2nd place team -30%; 3rd place team – 20%; 4th place team – 10%.

The Classic Ranch Rodeo will follow the Calcutta. The Ranch Rodeo will include 3 events – Team Sort, Doctoring and Trailer Load. The events will be timed and judged on safety to the team members and livestock. The Ranch Rodeo will be a jackpot event for consignors. The Ranch Rodeo is designed for fun and to showcase the Classic Sale feature. Classic Sale Horses will only be allowed on one team. All teams will participate in all three events.

7:00 pm - Classic Horse Sale

Horse Rules & Regulations

All entries must include the $200 entry fee, entry form, video footage.
All the horses will be pictured. Make sure and include at least 2 pictures of the entry (one saddled, one unsaddled). VIDEO FOOTAGE can be provided on jump drive or uploaded to YouTube (Link must be provided) -TEST VIDEO PRIOR TO MAILING! YOU CAN ALSO EMAIL SMALL VIDEO CLIPS (break up preview in to sections)
EMAIL Photos to NCCPhotos2019@gmail.com

Entries must be received in the NCC office by November 25, 2018

The committee will review the videos, after evaluation you will be contacted on the status of your horse.
Entries will be limited to 30 head.
All horses will compete in all events at the Classic Horse Competition. The competition is held in an indoor arena at the Buffalo Co. Fairgrounds. Please check-out the NEW SCHEDULE and EVENTS. NEW SALE HORSE PREVIEW - the preview will be personalized to allow your horse to be better showcased to potential buyers.

Classic Horse Sale Check in - Friday, February 15 - 6:00 pm - Vet Check, Conformation Evaluation and Consignor Meeting.

Entry Requirements
  1. Horses must be 3-12 years old by January 1, 2019 (Horses born prior to January 2016)
  2. Horses may be geldings or open mares.
  3. All Sellers must guarantee the horses are SOUND.
  4. All entries must include the entry fee of $200, entry form, pictures, video. Entry fee is non-refundable once horse is accepted into the sale.
  5. All entries must include a video to get accepted into the sale. Sellers must show the following on the video:
    • Very important to show your horse working cattle and all other ranch horse qualities!
    • General confirmation. (The horse should be viewed without a saddle.) - Front view, rear view, side
    • Easy to handle – show the horse being saddled, show the horse walking, at a jog, lope, and reversal. Please show the horse being caught.
    • Load and unload from trailer.
    • Open and close gate.
    • Show the horse working cattle. (Hold a cow at the end of the pen, take the cow down a fence, making one turn each way on the fence.)
    • If there are any other characteristics of your entry you want to show to the committee.
      (Roping or showing the horse with obstacles of your choice.)

The Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic Horse Sale Committee will evaluate the video preview on each horse before the horse is accepted in the sale. If the horse is not cataloged, the catalog fee will be refunded. The Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic asks that only the seller or owner’s representative rides the horse in the competition. If sellers choose to allow a perspective buyer to ride the horse, this is at his or her own risk.

Horse Sale Terms & Conditions

  1. All guarantees are strictly between the buyer and the seller. All the sellers must guarantee the horse is SOUND. Right of Recourse must be directly to the owner of the horse.
  2. All the consignments must be in the EAST ARENA on Friday, February 15 at 6 pm.
  3. All horses must be 3 to 12 years old by January 1, 2019. Horses must be born prior to January 1, 2016.
  4. NO SUBSTITUTES will be allowed.
  5. The following will be required at the time of check-in at 6:00 pm on Friday, February 15.
    • General Health Check by Classic Veterinarian – current health certificate (30 day) must be provided at check-in.
    • Negative Coggins Test – Provide verification of the horse’s current vaccinations.
    • Original Registration Papers if the horse is registered. A signed Transfer must also be with the papers.
  6. HYPP (Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis) test results must be disclosed on all horses descended from the stallion IMPRESSIVE if consignor has knowledge of such test.
  7. All consignors are responsible to read the cataloged information on their horse. If any information is incorrect, the consignor is responsible to announce any necessary corrections at sale time.
  8. Any defects, bad habits or blemishes must be announced when the horse is sold.
  9. All cataloged horses must enter the sale ring to be sold. All horses will be sold at halter.
  10. Sale commission is 9%. (1% of commission goes directly to the Auctioneer)
  11. Terms of every sale are cash settlement to be made to the sale clerk at the time of the sale. There will be a $50.00 fee on all returned checks. The Classic reserves the right to make credit inquires on credit references.
  12. All horses entering the ring will be sold to the highest bidder, the auctioneer will take precedence, and decisions shall be final.
  13. In the event a dispute should arise as to a particular defect which should have been, but was not announced as described above, the buyer has the right to have a veterinarian examine the horse he has purchased to determine if the horse suffers from the defect. This examination is to be made and the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic is to be notified within 48 hours from the end of the sale in which the horse was sold. If the purchaser’s veterinarian determines the horse to have the alleged defect, the Classic as the agent shall appoint a veterinarian of its choice to determine if the horse had the defect and if the defect was present at the sale and it was not announced, the sale of said horse shall be null and void and the consignor must pay the commission on the sale, and the cost of any veterinary examination and veterinary work performed on the horse as result of the defect. If the horse is determined by the Classic veterinarian not to have the alleged defect, the sale of the horse is valid and enforceable and the purchaser assumes all costs of the examination and treatment.
  14. If the buyer rightfully rejects the animal in the manner stated above within the time provided, the horse will be returned by the buyer to the consignor and the consignor will refund to the buyer the full purchase price of the animal together with all reasonable expenses incurred by the buyer in the connection with the animal from the time of sale until the horse returns to the consignor.
  15. The Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic, the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce, Nebraska Cattlemen and the Buffalo County Agriculture Society or anyone helping in the sale assumes no responsibility for accident or injury.
  16. The Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic reserves to management the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and to arbitrarily settle or determine all matters, questions or differences in regard hereto, or otherwise arising out of or connected with, or incident to the sale.
  17. Buyers and spectators are cautioned to be careful while on the grounds particularly while horses are being shown or sold in the sale ring. All persons attending the sale do so at their own risk. Neither the owners nor any other person connected with this sale assume any liability legal or otherwise, for accidents to persons or property, before or after the sale.

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