Buffalo County Fairgrounds
Kearney, Nebraska

February 17-25, 2018

Embryo, Flush Opportunities, Pregnant Recips, & Semen Packages

Embryo Packages, the Right to Flush, Pregnant Recipients & Semen Packages
 These Sale Features are to be entered in the respective Breed Sales. Club Calf sale features can choose the Prospect Steer or Fancy Heifer Sale.

All guarantees will be between the buyer and seller. The sale commission will be 8%. The entry fee will be $150 per lot entered. The entry fee is retained as an advertising fee. Sellers must provide all information on the embryos, flushes, semen and pregnancies offered for sale. All settlements will be made the day of the sale at the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic. All guarantees and adjustments will be between the buyer and seller.

Embryo Packages
Packages must consist of a minimum of three embryos. All details of the package must be outlined with entry. (Indicate in the entry the number of embryos being offered.

The Right to Flush
A minimum of six grade one, transferable embryos are guaranteed to the buyer. All details of the flush will be documented with the entry.

Semen Packages
All semen is guaranteed to be of acceptable quality but no guarantee is made as to the conception rate. However, in all cases, the buyer will be responsible for all shipping arrangements and expense.

Pregnant Recipients
All details of the pregnancy will be outlined with entry. In the case of already realized pregnancies (i.e. embryos that have been implanted and confirmed pregnant) the buyer will pay 100% of the purchase price sale day. Each of these recipient females has been examined for pregnancy by a qualified vet and is fully guaranteed to be carrying the mating described in its respective lot on or about the time agreed upon by the buyer and the seller.


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