Buffalo County Fairgrounds
Kearney, Nebraska
February 13-21, 2021

Beef Sale Terms & Conditions

  1. Classic sale entries will be stalled as per schedule below:
    ARRIVAL SCHEDULE - Monday, February 15 - all stalls ready
  2. All cattle will begin check-in Tuesday, February 16 at 10 am. All bulls will be weighed. All bull weights will be published.
  3. The following will be required at the Classic check-in.
    • a. Proof of Registration
    • b. Current Health Certificate (30 day) on each animal, (See conditions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
    • c. Brand Inspection (if applicable) on each animal. (See condition 11)
  4. A Health Certificate dated no earlier than 30 days prior to show/sale must be provided for each animal. Any cattle having visible skin disease must have been treated prior to arrival at the show and this must be stated on their health certificate by their veterinarian in order to be allowed on the show grounds. All out of state cattle must have USDA individual IDs listed on health papers.
  5. All bulls must be born after September 1, 2018 and before May 1, 2020. Heifers must be born after September 1, 2018 and before September 1, 2020.
  6. All bulls must be negative to Brucellosis test within 30 days of sale. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO OUT OF STATE CATTLE!
  7. All bulls born prior to February 1, 2020 must have passed semen test. Documentation must be provided.
  8. All Bulls 24 months and older, and all non-virgin bulls must have a negative test to Trichomonas Foetus. -Consult your vet.
  9. All heifers must be officially calf hood vaccinated for Brucellosis. Only officially calf hood vaccinated females are eligible for show/sale. Heifers over 24 months of age must be Brucellosis tested within 30 days of sale.
  10. All females born prior to May 1, 2020 must be pregnancy checked prior to the show. The result of open or pregnant must be listed on health certificate.
  11. Brand Inspection - All cattle will be inspected for brands at the sale, so no prior inspection is necessary on cattle originating in Nebraska. Cattle coming in from outside of Nebraska must have proof of ownership available because Kearney is in a Brand Area. Questions pertaining to brand inspection should be addressed to: Kearney Brand Office, 308-865-5400. The current Brand inspection fee will be deducted from sale proceeds.
  12. Classic Management reserves the right to deviate from the minimum and maximum of entries in each sale.
  13. All Classic consignments will be tagged with a Classic tag.
  14. The Classic requires a nose lead to be used on bulls over one year old. The nose lead should be in place at any time the bull is not in the stall.
  15. All animals, unless screened, must enter the sale ring. A minimum of 50% of the animal must sell. The sale commission will be paid on all animals that go through the sale ring. Breed Sales Commission is 9% (This includes Embryo, Flushes, Semen and Pregnant Recips). Commercial Heifer Sale Commission is 5.5%. Fancy Heifer and Prospect Steer Sale Commission is 6%. The entry fee for Breed Sales, Embryo, Flushes, Semen, Pregnant Recips, Fancy Heifers, and Prospect Steers is $150 per head. The entry fee for the Commercial Pen Heifer sale is $250. The Pick of the Pen Bull Sale Commission is 9%. Entry fee for the Pen Bull show is $300 per pen of 3. The Pick of the Heifer Sale Commission is 9%, entry fee is $300 for a pen of 3.
  16. All Classic sale features must go through the sale ring and will sell to the highest bidder. The auctioneer will take precedence. All registration certificates will be transferred by the Classic management at the expense of the seller.
  17. Terms of every sale are cash with settlement to be made with the sale clerk at the time of sale. The Classic reserves the right to make credit inquiries on credit references. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. ALL SETTLEMENTS ARE REQUIRED THE DAY OF THE SALE. ALL ABSENTEE BIDDING MUST BE APPROVED AHEAD OF THE SALE WITH NCC MANAGEMENT.
  18. Substitutions will be allowed. Any substitution made after the catalog goes to press will require $30 fee for supplement sheets. Substitutes must be same sex, same owner, entered in the same breed of the original consignment and identified on the consignment agreement.
  19. All screening of animals will be done before or during the show, but before the sale. Any animal screened out of the show will not have entry fees returned. Screened animals must be immediately removed from the barn by the owner.
  20. All sale cattle and display cattle will be bedded on MULCH. Exhibitors will not be allowed to place additional bedding of any type on top of the mulch supplied. A $40 per head charge will be deducted from the sale proceeds for the mulch. Mulch is provided in the tie out areas. Tie-out space is limited and is on a first come first served basis. NO STRAW IS ALLOWED. ALL BEDDING IS PROVIDED.
  21. All consignors must be members of the Nebraska Cattlemen.
  22. All guarantees are strictly between the buyer and seller.
  23. All consignors to the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic must sign the consignment agreement. The consignor is signifying ownership of the animal or animals and consent to sell.
  24. The Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic requires that individuals in the sale ring must be at least 12 years of age.
  25. The Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic agreement to hold the sale shall be subject to cancellation by acts of God, of any other circumstances beyond the control of the NCC which shall prevent the delivery of some or all of the NCC’s obligations herein specified. The NCC, upon occurrence of such event, shall have the right to retain the entry fees without liability of any nature.
  26. The Classic rules take precedence over individual breed rules.
  27. No blocking chutes will be allowed inside main isles of the facilities. NO fans are allowed in the isles.
  28. Consignors and exhibitors at the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic agree to hold harmless, for any and all liability arising out of accidents or injuries sustained at the show and sale, Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic, the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce, Nebraska Cattlemen, and the Buffalo County Agriculture Society (Buffalo County Fairgrounds).
  29. The Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic reserves to management the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and to arbitrarily settle or determine all matters, questions or differences in regard hereto or otherwise arising out of or connected with or incident to, the show and sale.
  30. Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic Code of Conduct - All individuals participating are expected to respect the “show”. The “show” includes facilities, judges, staff and all attendees. The Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic Management and Board of Directors reserves the right to ask any individual to leave the show immediately or be banned from attending the show based on poor conduct.

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