Buffalo County Fairgrounds
Kearney, Nebraska

February 17-25, 2018

2017 Junior Show

Show Schedule and Awards

Friday, February 24

  • 2pm:
  • Junior Stalls posted
  • 6-9pm:
  • Junior Check-In
    (Stafford Arena)
  • 7pm:
  • Sullivan Stock Show U

Saturday, February 25

  • 7-8am:
  • Junior Exhibitor Check-In
    at the Stafford Arena
    (Southside of Ag Pavilion)
    All cattle must come to the chute to check in. All market animals will be weighed and Breeding Heifers will go through the chute to check tattoos with Registration papers.
  • 2pm:
  • Showmanship will be a Blow-n-Go Showmanship Class Order:
    • Junior (ages 8-11)
    • Intermediate (ages 12-15)
    • Senior (ages 16-21)
  • 7pm:
  • Sullivan Stock Show U

**There will be two rings for showmanship. South ring will be Junior. North ring will be Intermediate. Senior Division will follow Intermediate in the North Ring. Senior Finals will use the entire Ring.

  • 6pm:
  • Premiere Heifer Selection
    (All heifers purchased at 2016 Classic Sales compete in this class. All youth receive prizes.)
  • 7pm:
  • Supreme Row Judging
    (Showmanship to resume immediately following if needed.)

Sunday, February 26

Two Rings

  • 8:30am:
  • Breeding Heifers
  • 9am:
  • Market Heifers
    (followed by the Steers)


Saturday, February 25th & Sunday, February 26th


The top 10 in each age division will receive a Jacket. The Champion will receive $100 and the Reserve will receive $50 in each age division.


*Must be 5 head in a division to receive cash awards


  • Champion Market Heifer $250 cash award
  • Reserve Champion Market Heifer $125 cash award


  • Breed Division Steer Champion $50 cash award
  • Breed Division Steer Reserve Champion $25 cash award

CLASSIC STEERS (Steers bought in the Classic Sale)

  • Champion $500
  • Reserve Champion $200

*All exhibitors will receive show sticks and other awards in this class.


  • $500 cash award plus an award
  • Reserve Supreme Market Animal $250 cash award plus an award
    (The top 10 will be selected)


  • Breed Division Champion Heifer $50 award
  • Reserve Champion $25 award


Saturday, Feb. 25th at 6 pm

  • Champion $500
  • Reserve $200

*All exhibitors will receive show sticks and other awards in this class.


  • $500 cash award plus an award
  • Reserve Supreme Breeding Heifer$250 cash award plus an award
    (The top 10 will be selected)

Youth Opportunities

$100 cash awards for youth that purchase heifers at the Classic.This is a program for youth purchasing heifers at the Classic Sales. The youth have to show the heifers in the Classic Heifer Class to be eligible for the $100 award. The youth must send the Classic office a letter on the heifer project by Dec. 1 following the Classic. Juniors will receive the CASH award at the following year's respective Classic Sale.

DON'T MISS! Saturday, February 25th at 6 pm

The 2017 Classic Heifer Class will kick-off the Supreme Row Judging on Saturday night at the Classic. All Juniors who purchase heifers at the 2017 Classic can be a part of the Premiere Classic Heifer Class. The three Supreme Row judges will select a Premiere Classic Heifer. The Premiere Heifer will receive $500. All Juniors will receive prizes that participate in this class. The Heifers are also eligible to show on Sunday in the Junior Show.


Saturday, February 25th

The event is open to College Teams and 4-H and FFA youth.


The 2017 Sale features 20 steers. The steers are listed in the Classic Catalog. Juniors have the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in awards and jackets. Plus they have the opportunity to be in a Scholarship Program where over $4,000 in scholarships will be presented. Scholarship winners are inducted into the Classic Jr. Beef Ambassador program.


The youth that are winners of the Classic Steer Scholarships will be inducted into the Classic Jr. Beef Ambassador program. The youth will be presented jackets and will have the opportunity to attend events throughout the year representing the Classic. The Ambassadors will network with leaders in the Beef Industry. The youth will learn and become knowledgeable of all the opportunities the Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic offers to cattlemen of all ages.

Show Rules

Eligibility: The Classic Junior show is open to Nebraska youth only except on heifers and steers purchased at the NCC. Out-of-state youth that purchase steers or heifers at the Classic are eligible to show those animals in the Classic Junior Show.

Age: Exhibitors must be at least 8 years of age but cannot have passed his or her 21st birthday by January 1, 2017.

Enter all cattle in one of the following divisions: Hereford, Polled Hereford, Red Angus, Angus, Simmental, Foundation Simmental, Charolais, Limousin, LimFlex, Gelbvieh, Balancer, Shorthorn, Shorthorn Plus, Maine Anjou, MaineTainer, Chianina, Chiangus, and Commercial Heifers, Crossbred Steers or Market Heifers. Miniature Herefords will be an added Division with the Herefords.

Breeding Heifers: Heifers must be born from September 2015 to December 2016. Fall heifers will be accepted. All breeding heifers must have registration papers and tattoos to be eligible to show in the respective Breed Division. Heifers purchased at the 2017 Classic are eligible to show in the respective Breed Division. Low percentage heifers will be shown separately, but one overall champion will be selected for each Breed Division.

Market Heifers: All market animals must have a Nebraska 4-H or FFA tag in place to be eligible to show. All Market Heifers will be shown by weight.

Market Steers: All market steers must have a Nebraska 4-H or FFA tag in place to be eligible to show. Steers are shown by Breed divisions. A steer must have a respective Breed Certificate or Registration Paper with the respective breed to show in that Division. Non registered steers will show in the Crossbred Division. All steers must be born in 2016.

The Classic Junior Show is sanctioned with the Junior Nebraska Cattlemen.

Showmanship: Showmanship will be on Saturday, February 25th. It will be BLOW-N-GO, starting at 2 p.m. The age break down is Junior: 8-11, Intermediate: 12-15, and Senior: 16-21. If necessary, we will stop showmanship, to hold Supreme Events. Showmanship will then resume following Supreme Row.

Grooming: Any animal that the show management finds to be unethically altered in conformation, structure, or color other than normal grooming practices, will not be allowed to show.

Health: All cattle are from Nebraska. No Health papers required.

Bedding: All cattle will be bedded on shredded mulch. Bedding is provided. NO STRAW ALLOWED.

Brand Inspections: All animals from a non-brand inspection area will be subject to an inspection. The fee will be collected directly by the brand inspectors at check-in.

The Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic will have the final ruling and interpretation of all rules. All exhibitors and parents should exhibit good show ethics and conduct. Criticizing or interfering with the judge, or other exhibitors, breed representatives or show officials before, during or after the event may result in an individual or group being expelled, placed on probation, declared ineligible, or banned from exhibiting at the event.

**Stalls will be assigned by county! If you are traveling with other junior exhibitors, please make note on your entry form in order to be stalled together! Stalling requests will NOT be taken at the event!


The Classic has over $8,000 in scholarships to present to youth buying steers and heifers at the Classic!

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